24 October fact: Porimoni

M A Alam Shuvo:
24 October is the birthday of popular actress Porimoni of Dhaka cinema. Every year, the fairy celebrates the day with a splendid arrangement.

This time, the heroine has given an advance message about her birthday in the light of a story on Facebook.

In the story she writes- ‘A man grilled a whole big cow and said to his daughter, call my well-wishers for a feast. The girl went to the street and started shouting, our house is on fire, help us wherever you are. A small number of people came forward for help. The rest felt as if they had never heard anything! Those who came for help, they ate that fun food in Eat.

Surprised, the father asked the girl, “Mother, I don’t know any of those who have come!” Where are all our well-wishers? The girl replied- those who have come are our well-wishers! But they did not come to eat. They came to put out the fire in our house. These are our relatives. ‘

At the end of the story, Porimoni writes, “Those who are not by your side in times of danger do not deserve to be part of your joy.”

The reason for writing the story is clear from the hashtag writing towards the end of that status. Pori wrote with the hashtag ‘October 24 Fact’. As a result, it is understood that Porimoni wants to share the joy of her special day with those who are by her side in her danger.

It has been reported that this time the dress code for the bride’s birthday is red and white. The dress code for the bride’s birthday last year was green.

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