I became “Azad Rahi” because of Fan’s love: Azad Rahi

Entertainment Reporter:
Although Azad Rahi was not involved in music from a young age, he had a lot of respect for music, because when his elder brother Avraal Sahir started working in music, he was excited to see the work and came into the music world holding Avraal Sahir’s hand and his brother Avraal Sahir He was always inspired by music.
Since he is a favorite man of music! So he always tried to keep himself busy with all kinds of work as well as writing and composing songs.

The song titled “Andhokar” sung by Azad Rahi and Sheniz was very popular, he got a lot of love and without any kind of YouTube boosting, the song “Andhokar” has crossed 75 lakh + views with its two YouTube channels and has more than one crore online listeners. The song “Andhakar” was written by Azad Rahi himself and was sung by Sheniz and the melody and music of the song was composed by his elder brother Avraal Sahir. “Andhakar” was his first original song.

Azad Rahi also said- In addition to music, I am busy with family business and my own business.
In fact, the world of music is as beautiful as it is terrifying, why in our country there is a worry about who will pull whom down. There are very few people with a supportive, motivated mindset and some people should keep in mind that “after climbing or climbing the next step is to descend from the mountain” so you can never be arrogant when climbing a mountain. I sing as a hobby and some of my fans love me and want to sing even though the plan is to do better and I will live in the minds of my fans through singing.
If we have any idol in Bangladesh in the world of music then he is “Habib Wahid” and my favorite idol across Asia is “AR Rahman” but not to mention my brother Avral Sahir because he came into the world of music and learned a lot through him. .
Of course, if I can do anything for my country through music, I have no greater achievement than that and I have the desire to represent my country through music as everyone wants.

After the popularity of “Andhakr”, he released a solo song titled “Ekjan Chilo” in his words and voice. There is still a lot of work to be released and among them is the opportunity to play Tahsan Khan Tanjin Tisha’s play with him and “Dujon Here Jay” was sung by Parsha Mahjabin Purni and the lyrics were written by “M A Alam Shuvo”.

To the fans, he said- I hope my fans will get some new and better songs in the coming days.
I will say one thing for the sake of the fans, today I have become “Azad Rahi” because of your love and I will try my best to keep this love for you through good deeds. Many of my fans are angry with me for taking so long to release my songs but I work with time just to give you some good gifts. Everyone will pray for me and love in this way.

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